Press Release: Rhythm Dragons Billy 3.0 Summer Tour

Rhythm Dragon’s Billy 3.0 Tour brings world-class rockabilly to the West Coast!

The Rhythm Dragons “Hit You Like the Beat of the Drum” Summer 2015.

Worldwide Rockabilly presents the Rhythm Dragons for fifteen dates in June. This international touring band is on their Billy 3.0 West Coast summer tour bringing high-energy rockabilly, swing & punk. The Rhythm Dragons are known for their creative and impactful original music, which can be heard in their CD’s & albums, available for purchase or download on iTunes, Amazon & CDBaby.

The Rhythm Dragons are a classic rockabilly trio led by Anthony Vincent, guitar & lead vocals, with the rhythm section of up-right bassist Joshua Whitney Gihle and former Social Distortion drummer Robert Lynn Stubbs. Del Villarreal of MotorBilly Radio says Billy 3.0 is “hotter than the Arizona sun, here comes that fiery trio from Phoenix with their 11th full length album (!) full of Gretsch-fueled fun & rockabilly madness! Officially drops in May, we have got advance tracks for you to hear & enjoy on MotorBilly…” D.C. Larson of Damnation Dance Party calls them “perhaps Arizona’s surest wager for neo-billy success written big, this decade-strong hollow body blast-cell balances reliable old-school bop with head turning creative courage; unafraid to fence-hop over orthodox genre boundaries.” Fans have connected with them in clubs, as well as national music fests from Torquefest to Viva Las Vegas and Rockabilly Reunion to Arizona’s Rockabilly Bash, as well as numerous charity & benefit concerts.

The Rhythm Dragons Billy 3.0 West-coast tour entails fifteen dates in June and covers California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. These great tour venues are known for featuring great national acts such as the Rhythm Dragons. Enjoy their great original music as well as a few unique covers such as "Love Potion #9" and "Beautiful Girl".

Be sure to highlight  these dates on your calendar to catch the great Rhythm Dragons live show. Fun, loud, driving great music – a must-see live show to Rockabilly your night!

Their newest album Billy 3.0 is available online and at the show. Currently, the Rhythm Dragons are recording material for their next album featuring 18 new originals to be released in 2016 – stay tuned!

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